Taylor Time is an early opening exclusively for guests with a Taylor Time event ticket. This event is not included in the season pass program. However, pass holders may purchase Taylor Time tickets and enjoy the same fun!

Taylor Time is designed to be a low sensory experience in the waterpark. A waterpark can be a very enjoyable experience for everyone, but there are times it can be overwhelming for some guests. Our purpose of Taylor Time is to reduce sensory input in a controlled time and environment to give additional guests an opportunity to explore and enjoy Soaky Mountain Waterpark.

    What makes Taylor Time different from a normal Soaky experience?

    • Rides are contained to a section of the park focusing on attractions with low stress and can be done in tandem with caregivers and siblings
    • Music is left off until Taylor Time is over and will begin quietly increasing
    • Additional staffing in the areas to provide support in the form of information and direction
    • Guest capacity is to restricted to 500 people to drastically reduce crowds and wait times

    Can event ticket holders stay for the rest of the operating day?

    • Taylor Time event ticket holders are welcome to stay for the remainder of the operating day.
    • Please understand that the experience will not maintain low sensory after 10 am. We welcome Taylor Time event attendees to stay as long as they like that day.

    I have a child that would really enjoy Taylor Time, but is the rest of the family welcome too?

    • Of course they are, understand they will also need an event ticket.

    Is this a children’s only event?

    • No, while Boomer’s Bay is meant for our younger guests, the Soaky Surge and Snake Den tube rides are fun for all ages.

    I am a pass holder, is this event included?

    • Taylor Time is a special event and not included in the pass holder program.

    What does the Event ticket include?

    • The event ticket includes admission to the park during the Taylor Time hour and allows the ticket holder to enjoy Soaky Mountain Waterpark during operating hours on the day of the event. Parking, Food and Beverage, and Rentals are not included with this event ticket.


    • Non-transferable
    • Non-refundable
    • Not valid for a raincheck
    • Valid for dates listed in this event