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The Edge Dueling Watercoaster at Soaky Mountain

The Edge Dueling Watercoaster’s AquaLucent rings (colorful circles) are designed into the tube segments, sure to be mesmerized. The distance between the rings will get closer and closer, giving riders an appearance of acceleration before they are surprised to see their competitors again as they are dropped into another heart-pounding drop.

A second uphill blast will take riders into another enclosed tube segment, where this time, they will be awed by colorful, laser-like AquaLucent stripes. These stripes will start longer and then become shorter and shorter, giving a sense of sci-fi speed while the riders progress into a turn.

When the riders shoot out of their tube, they will see not one but two imposing Boomerango walls ahead of them before dropping to the base of the wall, feeling extreme Gs. As the momentum takes the riders up the parallel walls, they will see their competitors as they feel a sense of weightlessness before sliding back down. As a finishing touch, the riders will go over a zero-G hump to the end of the ride. The finish line is stacked with lights and effects to indicate the winner and who went over ‘The Edge.’

Take a look at the Soaky Mountain Map, to plan out your next visit.

Height: Over 42" Tall
Minimum Individual Weight: None
Max Individual Weight: 300 lbs.
Minimum Boat Weight: 110 lbs.
Max Boat Weight: 450 lbs.
Extra Restriction/Note: None