We are super excited to announce that due to the popularity of our Tacolicious food truck we’ve acquired a BIGGER and better vehicle so we can better accommodate our guests. 

The bus is what they call a “Silverside” due to its fluted aluminum siding. It was considered flashy when it was developed from 1938-1939 and debuted at the New York’s World Fair in 1939. Its rounded nose style was also considered to be the crowning achievement for Yellow Coach Manufacturing Company.

The first “Silverside” buses were manufactured and sold for only two years, during which time sales totaled 588 vehicles. After speaking with an avid bus historian, we believe our bus was “born” on July 8, 1941 when it was part of a 13 bus order delivered to Northland Greyhound Lines in Minneapolis. Another interesting little tidbit was that Greyhound specifically had their own 19″ wheels for these coaches made so that they only fit their buses.

Our new Tacolicious truck is a spacious 34 feet long by 8 feet wide to give our chefs more space to increase their food production and decrease wait times. (Don’t worry, we’ll still be serving the same amazing, specialty tacos and delicious nachos out of it!)

We’re also adding a seating area around the new bus so you can sit and enjoy your tacos.  The old Tacolicious bus is going be repurposed into something new for the waterpark but you will have to stay tuned for more details on that!