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Date Published/Updated: 05/09/2023
Author: Heidi Fendos
Location: Sevierville, TN.

As we slide into our fourth season, we want our guests to experience both of our breathtaking water coasters, The Edge and Avalaunch! This is why we’re super excited to announce our Coaster Clash competition where guests can vote on our website for their favorite water coaster.

According to Dave, our general manager, “The Edge, which is part of the visible frontage of our waterpark, is truly a showstopper water coaster! It’s enormous! It literally spans two football fields in length. It features a three-story mega drop, tubes with colorful Aqualucent rings, another drop, and then a big Boomerango finish where the riders feel momentarily weightless. Plus, what makes it so fun is that riders compete against each other for the best time.

“The Avalaunch, on the other hand, is the only water coaster of its kind because it features four FlyingSAUCER high-speed turns that create a drop-and-dive sensation and a massive sweeping TornadoWAVE finish.  

“Both coasters are guaranteed to get your heart pumping and adrenaline soaring. Now, it will be up to our guests to decide which coaster is best and to vote for it on our website and in the park.”

Guests who complete the Coaster Clash challenge can vote for their favorite ride at:

The result of the competition will be revealed after Labor Day weekend.

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