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Date Published/Updated: 07/19/2023
Author: Heidi Fendos
Location: Sevierville, TN.

Have you ever noticed all of the beads that are attached to our lifeguards’ name badges and wondered
what they mean?

Well, we’re here to tell you they aren’t just being creative. 😊 Being a lifeguard is a tough job, so we like
to give them little recognition for various tasks they do or situations they encounter.

Here’s what each colored bead means:
Red: First Aid – This means the lifeguard has assisted with providing first-aid to a guest.
Blue: Rescues – This means the lifeguard has performed an in-water rescue with a guest.
Green: Compliments – This means a supervisor or manager has received a compliment about the
White: Most Effective Role –This means the lifeguards has shown a willingness to take the most
effective role.
Brown: Dirty Jobs – This means a lifeguard has helped to keep our water clean.
Purple: Helping out Wilderness at the Smokies – This means a lifeguard has helped out our sister resort
on a low staffing day.
Yellow: Exceeds Level Scanning – This means the lifeguard exceeded visual audits conducted by their
supervisor or manager.
Oil Slick: Ellis Exceeds – This means the lifeguard has exceeded the Ellis & Associates our lifeguard
training company’s audit.

Team members can earn countless beads throughout the summer and at the end of the season, each
earned bead is worth a raffle ticket into our end of season party. Annually more than $1,000 worth of
prizes are given out to recognize individuals for a job well done.

If you see a lifeguard all beaded up, please be sure to thank them for a job well done.

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