It's always Taco Tuesday at Soaky! C'mon, how many waterparks have their own taco truck? Don't think too hard about that one. When you are done, join us for one of several specialty tacos made right here on the mountain. Tacolicious is certain to have something for everyone, as spicy as our slides or as tame as the Hive. want a taco now or what?

Rolly Macaroni

So Cheesy! Rolly Macaroni!! What's in a name? Well, macaroni for one! Located just off Boomer's Bay, Rolly Macaroni is the perfect meal or snack that will keep you coming back. Unique flavors and combinations will make you fall in love with this childhood favorite all over again...and again...and again...

Overlook Bar

Why do people climb mountains? FOR THE VIEWS! The Overlook Bar boasts some of the best views (with a beverage) on the mountain. Conquer Soaky (or let the kids do the hard work) while you relax and enjoy a refreshing cocktail and soak in the views...

Base Camp Bistro

Every expedition must have a solid Base Camp. You can't expect to conquer Soaky Mountain without a place to rest and refuel throughout the adventure. Base Camp Bistro has your back. Big and bold flavors, certain to give you the energy to conquer the mountain!


The perfect place to watch all the HANG 10ESSEE action! The Wipeout Bar is your place to sip and relax as you take a break from all of our heart-pounding waterslide action at Soaky! Enjoy specialty cocktails, craft beers from the region and delicious appetizers. The perfect break from the action.

Bee Good Café

Big tastes for little appetites. When your little bees leave the Hive and need a quick healthy snack, look no further than the Bee Good Café located next to the HIVE. Bee Good has all your little bees favorites and new favorites for all of you to discover together!

Soaky Shake Shoppe

Shake, Shake, Shake on Soaky! What's better than ice cream? Ice cream mixed in a shake with crazy flavors and toppings, of course! Besides waterslides, a Soaky Shake is the BEST way to beat the mountain heat. Stop by and experience the best thing to happen to ice cream since the cone.

Did we mention the Shake Shoppe also serves up hot funnel cakes?!

The Candy Cabin

If you love sweets (and who doesn’t!), you’re going to want to by Candy Cabin! It features all sorts of heavenly hand‐dipped delights and more types of candy than you can imagine!

Watch as our candy experts and chocolatiers make to‐die‐for caramel, fudge and other delights right in front of you! Then pick up some of your favorite treats, including: chocolate covered bacon, white and dark chocolate almond bark, chocolate covered gummy bears, truffles, covered pretzels, toffee and far too many of your favorite candies and snacks to mention!

Yukon Yogurt

At Yukon Yogurt, we’ll help you create your own sweet, frozen treat! Choose from the 15 flavors of frozen yogurt or sorbet and let us know your favorite toppings such as crushed candy bar, nuts, fruit and chocolate or caramel sauce!
It’s never the same treat twice.
Looking for dairy free? Our sorbet fits the bill. Going gluten-free? No worries, most of our flavors do not have gluten.
All varieties are clearly labeled whether they are non-fat, low fat or no sugar added.

Summit Snacks

New in 2021, we've added some convenient food carts to the main plaza area. At these carts, guests can purchase nachos, hot pretzels, popcorn, hot dogs, polish sausages, bratwursts, novelty ice cream treats, frozen bananas, cookies, fresh squeezed lemonade, beer, bottled water, Icees and fountain drinks.

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